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The Native Plants of Adelaide - Phil Bagust and Lynda Tout-Smith

Reviewed by Cas Liber

This A5 sized book is a well- laid out colour reference guide to Adelaide indigenous flora. Its subtitle, 'Returning the vanishing natural heritage of the Adelaide Plains to your garden' captures its aims quite well (and hopefully will help in its fulfillment!).

The book begins with a brief overview of the flora of the Adelaide Plains and remnants before moving into chapters based on occurrence Common plants, Mallee Woodlands, Tall Woodlands, Riparian and Coastal, highlighting the importance of plant associations. The chapters have one individual plant to a page and make good use of space, generally with both a habit shot and closeup of flowers. Brief cultivation notes are also provided.

Some propagation notes and references for further reading are provided at the back of the book. Overall this is an excellent introduction to local flora for the inhabitants of Adelaide.

Sample pages from the book are shown below.

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The Native Plants of Adelaide

Phil Bagust and Lynda Tout-Smith, The Urban Forest Biodiversity Program, 2005
RRP $19.95
Paperback, 132 pages

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