Australian Plants at Risk - Further Information

Much of the material for this 'Plants at Risk' section has come from one or more of the following publications. Briggs and Leigh (1995) is an essential guide to the ROTAP Coding system.

Books and Journals:

  • Briggs, J.D. and Leigh, J.H. (1995); Rare or Threatened Australian Plants, Revised Edition, CSIRO Publishing, Australia.
  • Butler, G (1993); The Cultivation of Australia's Threatened Flora, Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants, 17th Biennial Seminar, Robert Menzies College, Sydney, September/October 1993.
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  • Leigh, J and Briggs, J. (1991); Conservation of Vascular Plants in Australia, in Native Plants for New South Wales (newsletter of the NSW Region of the Society for Growing Australian Plants), Vol.26, No.2, June 1991.
  • Leigh, J, Briggs, J and Hartley, W. (1981); Rare or Threatened Australian Plants, Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, Special Publication 7.


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