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Australian Plants Award

The biennial Australian Plants Award was established in 1983. It is presented by ANPSA to people who have made an outstanding contribution to the knowledge of Australian plants, whether members of the Society or not. Since 1987 the Award has been made in both professional and amateur categories. The Award is made in conjunction with ANPSA's Biennial Conference and Seminar.

The recipients of the award are shown in the following table. The citations prepared to accompany the nominations for the particular individuals can be seen by clicking the highlighted years. Unfortunately not all citations are available.

Year Professional Award Amateur Award
George Althofer (NSW)
No Award
1987 Brian Grieve (WA) Peter & Hazel Althofer (NSW)
1989 Winifred Curtis (Tas)  
1991 Enid Robertson (SA) Elizabeth George (WA)
1993 Marion Blackwell (WA) Bill Payne (NSW)
1995 Rodger Elliot (Vic) Fred Rogers (Vic); David Gordon (Qld)
1997 Neil Marriott (Vic); Alan Gray (Tas) Ivan Holliday (SA); Alby Lindner (Vic)
1999 Gregory Keighery (WA); David Jones (ACT) David Hockings (Qld); Brian Powell (SA)
2001 lan Fraser (ACT); Lawrie Smith (Qld) Gwyn & Geoff Clarke (ACT)
2004 Gwen Harden (NSW) Irene Champion (Qld); Marion & John Simmons (Tas)
2005 John Knight (NSW); George Lullfitz (WA) Eileen Croxford (WA); Rosemary Pedler (SA)
2007 Peter Bostock (Qld); Elizabeth Corbett (Tas) Dick Burns (Tas); Jan Sked (Qld)
2009 Bob Dixon (WA) Merv Hodge (Qld)
2011 Gwen Elliot (Vic) Ken Warnes (SA)
2013 Angus Stewart (NSW) Hazel Dempster (WA)
2015 John Arnott (Vic) Peter Olde (NSW)
2018 Alexander Floyd (NSW) Diana Snape (Vic)
2019 Professor Kingsley Dixon (WA) Glenn Leiper (Qld)

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