Bellendena montanum

Distribution Map
Family: Proteaceae
Distribution: High altitudes in Tasmania, usually in damp areas.
Common Name: Mountain rocket
Derivation of Name: BellendenaAfter the 18th/19th century botanist John Bellenden Ker.
montanum....from Latin montanus, meaning "of the mountains", referring to the plant's habitat.
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild

General Description:

Bellendena is a genus consisting of a single species in the Protea family. B.montanum is a small shrub, usually less than a metre in height. The leaves may be variable in shape from elliptical to wedge-shaped, often with lobed ends. The are about 50 mm long and light green to greyish in colour. The small, white or pale pink flowers are seen mainly in summer and occur in cylindrical clusters from the ends of the stems. Flowers are followed by clusters of pendent seed pods which are often red in colour, adding greatly to the attractiveness of the species.

Bellendena montanum

Bellendena montanum
Photo: Australian Plants Society (NSW)

Although a very attractive species, mountain rocket is rarely seen in cultivation as it's high altitude climate makes it difficult to maintain in gardens at lower altitudes. There has been some reported success in cold climates in well drained, moist conditions. Protection from full sun would probably be necessary in warmer climates.

Propagation from seed is reported to be very unreliable. Propagation can be carried out from cuttings of firm, current seasons's growth.

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