Banksia - Plant Profiles: 2

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Banksia heliantha Banksia heliantha Banksia ilicifolia Banksia laricina
20. Banksia heliantha
(syn. Dryandra quercifolia)
21. Banksia heliantha
Pink form
(syn. Dryandra quercifolia)
22. Banksia ilicifolia 23. Banksia laricina

Banksia lemanniana Banksia leptophylla Banksia marginata Banksia media
24. Banksia lemanniana 25. Banksia leptophylla 26. Banksia marginata 27. Banksia media

Banksia meisneri Banksia menziesii Banksia nutans Banksia oblongifolia
28. Banksia meisneri 29. Banksia menziesii 30. Banksia nutans 31. Banksia oblongifolia

Banksia obtusa Banksia occidentalis Banksia ornata Banksia paludosa
32. Banksia obtusa
(syn. Dryandra obtusa)
33. Banksia occidentalis 34. Banksia ornata 35. Banksia paludosa

Images on this page: Geoff Clarke, Gwyn Clarke, Matt Denton, Maria Hitchcock, Ivan Holliday, Cas Liber, Margaret Pieroni, Tony Nederpelt, Brian Walters. Click on thumbnails for specific image credits.

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