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Banksia plagiocarpa Banksia praemorsa Banksia prionotes Banksia prolata
38. Banksia plagiocarpa 39. Banksia praemorsa 40. Banksia prionotes 41. Banksia prolata
(syn. Dryandra longifolia)

Banksia proteoides Banksia quercifolia Banksia repens Banksia robur
42. Banksia proteoides
(syn. Dryandra proteoides)
43. Banksia quercifolia
Flower buds
44. Banksia repens 45. Banksia robur

Banksia rosserae Banksia rufa Banksia saxicola Banksia serrata
46. Banksia rosserae 47. Banksia rufa
(syn. Dryandra ferruginea)
48. Banksia saxicola 49. Banksia serrata

Banksia speciosa Banksia sphaerocarpa Banksia spinulosa Banksia spinulosa 'Birthday Candles'
50. Banksia speciosa 51. Banksia sphaerocarpa 52. Banksia spinulosa 53. Banksia spinulosa
"Birthday Candles"
Banksia tenuis var.tenuis Banksia tenuis var.reptans Banksia undata var.undata Banksia undata var.splendens
54. Banksia tenuis
var. tenuis

(syn. Dryandra tenuifolia
var. tenuifolia)
55. Banksia tenuis
var. reptans

(syn. Dryandra tenuifolia
var. reptans)
56. Banksia undata
var. undata

(syn. Dryandra praemorsa
var. praemorsa)
57. Banksia undata
var. splendens

(syn. Dryandra praemorsa
var. splendens)
Banksia victoriae      
58. Banksia victoriae      

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