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Welcome to the Banksia Study Group Website.

The Banksia Study Group is one of about 20 Study Groups within the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia). Our aim is to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of members of the genus Banksia - specifically the approximately 80 'non Dryandra' species. A separate study group (the Dryandra Study Group) exists to investigate those Banksia species that were previously classified under Dryandra.

If you are interested in the cultivation, propagation, conservation and appreciation of Australia's native flora, especially banksias, why not consider joining and helping to promote these beautiful plants more widely.

Study Group Background

Who we are. What we do. How to contact us and how to join the Group.


Study Group History

The Banksia Study Group was set up in 1971 and has been active continually ever since. This short history of the Group covers the period up until 2000.



A small compilation of books, journals and internet resources on Banksia.


Email Discussion Group

This email discussion group on banksias is not part of the Study Group but a number of Study Group members participate. The email group is open to everyone at the following address:

Reports and Newsletters

From the beginnings of the Study Group in 1971 up until about 2000, ten reports were published documenting the work of the Study Group members. Subsequently, regular newsletters were, and continue to be, published several times per year to record activities and experiences of Group members in cultivating banksias and in keeping up to date on scientific knowledge of the genus.

Two of the early reports are still available and newsletters published over recent years are available for download.



Photographs of about 50 species of Banksia have been incorporated into the Banksia section of the main ANPSA website. Each photograph is accompanied by a concise plant profile which includes natural distribution, taxonomy, plant description, cultivation and propagation.


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