Banksia - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of banksias and dryandras (members of the former genus Dryandra). There are also a number of Banksia resources on the internet. Some of the most detailed references are listed below - most of these will still refer to Dryandra as a separate genus.


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Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Banksia.

  • Vol 9, No.71 Jume 1977; Banksia propagation and culture; Growing western Banksia in Canberra.
  • Vol 13, No.105 December 1985; Banksia integrifolia and its relatives.
  • Vol 14, No.114 March 1988; Description of eastern Banksia species with many photos.
  • Vol 15, No.124 September 1990; Description of western Banksia species with many photos; The Banksia flower.
  • Vol 18, No.141 December 1994; "Landscaping with Dryandra" and "A Growing Guide for Beginners".
  • Vol 20, No.158 March 1999; Banksia coccinea cultivars; Banksia - detailed review of botany, cultivation and propagation.
  • Vol 20, No.160 September 1999; Banksia plagiocarpa; some notes on northern Queensland banksias
  • Vol 20, No.160 September 1999; "The 'Honeypot' Dryandras"; Dryandra seed germination.
  • Vol.21 No.166 March 2001; Detailed report on Banksia propagation and cultivation; In-vitro propagation.
  • Vol.21 No.173 December 2002; Banksia in Horticulture; Banksia tricuspis; numerous photos.


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