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ANPSA Biennial Conference and Seminar

Every two years ANPSA holds a Conference and Seminar hosted by one of its Member Societies, on a rotating basis. The conference schedule is as follows:

   2019 Biennial Conference

The 2019 Conference will be held in Western Australia, hosted by members of the Wildflower Society of Western Australia.

Further details will be published as planning proceeds. In the meantime, the details of the previous conference and tours can be viewed at the 2018 Conference website to allow those who are considering attending in 2019 to see the types of features that can be expected.

  • 2019: Western Australia.
  • 2021: New South Wales.
  • 2023: Victoria.
  • 2025; South Australia.
  • 2027: Queensland.
  • 2029: Tasmania

Associated with each Conference is a week-long seminar including field trips to gardens and natural areas. The Seminar program usually comprises a series of lectures by expert speakers interspersed with the field trips. Two special features are part of each Seminar program:

  • The AJ Swaby Address by an eminent authority in the field of horticulture or science of Australian native plants.
  • The presentation of ANPSA Australian Plants Awards. These awards are issued in Professional and Amateur categories and recognise outstanding achievements in the field of Australian native plants.

Other features of the Conference/Seminar program are the Pre- and Post-Conference Tours. These guided tours allow participants to experience the diversity of the flora of the host State and are usually of 5 days duration.

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