Boronia fraseri

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Boronia family information

Apart from the genus Boronia itself, the Boronia family (Rutaceae) includes many other well known plants, both Australian and exotic, including Asterolasia, Chorilaena, Correa, Crowea, Diplolaena, Eriostemon, Leionema, Phebalium, Philotheca and Zieria. Some can be 'touchy' in cultivation but there are many that are easily grown and others that are worth a bit of extra effort!

  • Background - characteristics of Boronia and its relatives.
  • Propagation - general methods for propagation from seed, cuttings and grafting.
  • Propagation - germinating seed of Boronia and its relatives.
  • Cultivation - growing members of the Boronia family successfully in a range of climates.
  • Selected Species and Cultivars - examples of a range of boronias and related plants, including photographs.
  • Study Groups - studying Boronia and its relatives, especially Correa.
  • Further Information - books, journals and online resources.