The Boronia Family - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of plants in the "Boronia group". Some of the most detailed references are listed below.


  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1980-1997), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, all volumes, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Hitchcock, M (2010), Correas - Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens, Rosenberg Publishing, Kenthurst, New South Wales.
  • Johnson, K and Burchett, M (1996), Native Australian Plants - Horticulture and Uses, University of NSW Press.
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  • Bayly, M (1999), A Name Change for Most Eriostemons, in "Native Plants for New South Wales" (Newsletter of the NSW Region of SGAP), January 1999.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Boronia and its allies.

  • Vol.6 No.48 September 1971; Growing Boronia and Correa.
  • Vol 8, No.65 December 1975; Extensive details of the Rutaceae generally; The genus Acradenia.
  • Vol 8, No.66 March 1976; Cultivation of Boronia and Phebalium.
  • Vol 13, No.104 September 1985; Ecological studies of Boronia serrulata.
  • Vol 13 No.105 December 1985; Propagation and cultivation of Boronia serrulata.
  • Vol 14, No.116 September 1988; Outline of characteristics of Crowea.
  • Vol 15, No.118 March 1989; Cultivation of Phebalium.
  • Vol 19, No.150 March 1997; Commercial cultivation of Boronia.
  • Vol 20, No.159 June 1999; Philotheca, Phebalium, Leionema; name changes.
  • Vol 21, No.169 December 2001; Boronia and its relatives; Correa cultivars; Correa 'Federation Belle'.
  • Vol 22, No.174 March 2003; Full issue on Correa species and cultivars including descriptions, propagation, cultivation and numerous photos and diagrams.
  • Vol 23, No.182 March 2005; "Boronia:- Not just pretty in pink - Part 1"
  • Vol 23, No.183 June 2005; "Boronia:- Not just pretty in pink - Part 2"


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