Australian Daisies - Plant Profiles: 1

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Brachyscome angustifolia Brachyscome formosa Cassinia aureonitens Chrysocephalum apiculatum
1. Brachyscome angustifolia 2. Brachyscome formosa 3. Cassinia aureonitens 4. Chrysocephalum apiculatum

Chrysocephalum baxteri Ewartia meredithiae Ixodia achillaeoides Lawrencella rosea
5. Chrysocephalum baxteri 6. Ewartia mededithiae 7. Ixodia achillaeoides 8. Lawrencella rosea

Leucochrysum albicans Olearia ciliata Olearia phlogopappa - white Olearia phlogopappa - mauve
9. Leucochrysum albicans
ssp. albicans
var. albicans
10. Olearia ciliata 11. Olearia phlogopappa
White form
12. Olearia phlogopappa
Mauve form

Olearia stellulata Olearia tomentosa    
13. Olearia stellulata 14. Olearia tomentosa    

Images on this page: Australian Daisy Study Group, Cherree Densley, Jeff Irons, Harry Loots, Ivan Margitta, Brian Walters. Click on thumbnails for specific image credits.

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