Australian Daisy Study Group

This Group was formed to study the cultivation and propagation of Australia's native daisies - the family Asteraceae. The work of the group resulted in the publication of three books:

  • Australian Daisy Study Group (1995), Australian Brachyscomes, Australian Daisy Study Group.
  • Australian Daisy Study Group (1987), Australian Daisies for Gardens and Floral Art, Lothian.
  • Australian Daisy Study Group (2002), Everlasting Daisies of Australia, C.H. Jerram & Associates.

Although this Study Group is now closed, during its period of operation the Group produced a series of highly detailed newsletters and issues 68 to 81 can be downloaded from the links below. Earlier issues are not available at present but will be added here if they become available. It is not known if there were any subsequent newsletters after issue 81.

Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Kimberley Sunset'    Brachyscome angustifolia
Left: Xerochrysum bracteatum 'Kimberley Sunset'. Right: Brachyscome angustifolia.
Photos: Brian Walters & Australian Daisy Study Group


The Study Group's newsletters document reports from members into cultivation issues, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. The newsletters also include information on the taxonomy of the plants being studied.

Further information on the characteristics and cultivation of Australian daisies, is available from the following link.

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