Australian Garden Design Study Group

The Australian Garden Design Study Group is one of a number of such Groups whose aims are to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of Australian plants. This group has been in operation since 1993 and operates by gathering and sharing information amongst its members mainly through regular newsletters and site visits.

The Study Group provides answers as to how we can have a beautiful Australian garden that is environmentally friendly, encourages and supports biodiversity and is completely self sustainable.

The specific aims of the Australian Garden Design Study Group are:

  • Carry out theoretical and practical investigation of garden design using Australian plants. A vital aspect of practical investigation is the keeping of plans and written and photographic records of examples of good garden design.
  • Develop resources for people who are interested in garden design with Australian plants. Cataloguing of records of gardens and slides has already started and a long term aim is to establish a database of Australian plants with a focus on garden design.
  • Encourage more successful use of Australian plants in gardens which the public can visit.
  • Produce four newsletters a year and publish articles on garden design.

Members of the Group are mainly keen amateurs with no formal horticultural, botanical or landscape design knowledge, although a number of professionals in those fields also participate.

Adams' garden, Victoria    Snape garden, Victoria
Left: Adams' garden, Victoria. Right: Snape garden, Victoria.
Photos: Trisha Dixon; Simon Griffith

Australian Garden Design Study Group Website

A website for the group has been established. It provides a wealth of information for those wanting to learn more about using Australian plants in garden design and landscaping. Features of the website include:

  • Information about joining the group
  • A photo gallery
  • Selected articles extracted from the Study Group's newsletters.
  • A comprehensive online index to articles published in the Group's newsletters
  • Downloads of complete issues of past newsletters

The website can be found at the link below.

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