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Something Old, Something New

Maureen Webb

From the November 2008 issue of the Study Group Newsletter.

Not referring to a bride's requirement for a wedding, but a change to the garden.

Recently Norm decided (as he often does) that one part of the garden didn't quite work design wise. So, after musing about it for some time, he made the decision to pull up the existing pavers at the front of the house and replace with larger pavers which would then extend the paved section to meet the brick wall of the house. The existing seat that had been placed about 1 metre out was to be moved back to sit against this same brick wall.

After pricing new larger pavers and having an environmental conscience attack about energy use and recycling, he decided to retain the original pavers and buy only the extra required to extend the paved area. At this time providence stepped in and supplied a gift from a friend, of Ellis Stone's Australian Garden Design which, although dated 1971, gave Norm some fresh ideas and another approach.

The pavers were pulled up and laid alternately to give a fresh new look (originally side by side) and a space left in the paved area for plantings of Brachyscome multifida and the fine, grass-like but attractive Lomandra sp (longiflora or multiflora) which also has a very pleasing shape. Some strategically placed rocks in between plantings came from a similar theme in Ellis Stone's book.

Before the renovation    After the renovation
Before (top) and After (bottom)
Photos: Maureen Webb

Plantings under the seat of Brachyscome multifida and Scaevola amuela with the original Dianella species still popping up, look quite good (Dianella refuses to go - to Norm's annoyance and my pleasure). All plantings are doing well and the new design has given the front garden a much-needed lift, without stretching our environmental ethics or our budget. The centre section left out meant less new pavers needed - thank you Ellis Stone.

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