Eremophila and its Relatives - Plant Profiles: 1

The profiles on these pages are selected samples of species in the Scrophulariacae (formerly Myoporae). Images of over 300 Eremophila species, subspecies and cultivars can be found in the Eremophila Image Database on the Eremophila Study Group's website.

Each of the following thumbnails links to a higher resolution image as well as to brief information on botany, natural distribution, cultivation and propagation.

Calamphoreus inflatus Eremophila alternifolia Eremophila bignoniflora Eremophila biserrata
1. Calamphoreus inflatus 2. Eremophila alternifolia 3. Eremophila bignoniflora 4. Eremophila biserrata

Eremophila bowmanii Eremophila debilis Eremophila denticulata Eremophila duttonii
5. Eremophila bowmanii 6. Eremophila debilis 7. Eremophila denticulata 8. Eremophila duttonii

Eremophila eriocalyx Eremophila freelingii Eremophila gilesii Eremophila glabra
9. Eremophila eriocalyx 10. Eremophila freelingii 11. Eremophila gilesii 12. Eremophila glabra

Eremophila glabra Eremophila glabra Eremophila latrobei Eremophila longifolia
13. Eremophila glabra
Murchison River form
14. Eremophila glabra
Prostrate yellow form
15. Eremophila latrobei 16. Eremophila longifolia

Images on this page: Hans Griesser, Colin Jennings, Keith Townsend, Brian Walters. Click on thumbnails for specific image credits.

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