Eremophila and its Relatives - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of Eremophila and Myoporum but other members of the family are less well documented. Some of the most detailed references are listed below.


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Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Eremophila.

  • Vol 12, No.93 December 1982; Numerous articles on botany, propagation and cultivation.
  • Vol 12, No.100 September 1984; Eremophila in Hobart.
  • Vol 13, No.103 June 1985; Eremophila in Alice Springs.
  • Vol 15, No.120 September 1989; Cultivation and propagation of Eremophila in Sydney.
  • Vol 17, No.134 March 1993; Eremophila germination studies.
  • Vol 19, No.154 March 1998; Emu Bush: How to grow and conserve Eremophila, Eremophila as cut flowers, My favourite Eremophilas
  • Vol 20, No.163 June 2000; Eremophila as cut flowers, Eremophila in floraculture, Eremophila seed germination
  • Vol 21, No.171 June 2002; Hardy Cultivars
  • Vol 23, No.185 December 2005; Eremophila mitchellii in profile
  • Vol 24, No.190 July 2007; Review of Eremophila and Allied Genera
  • Vol 25, No.199 June 2009; Growing Eremophilas in Western Sydney, From the desert to the garden - Eremophilas


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