Eremophila alternifolia

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Eremophila and relatives - information

Eremophila is a large genus of plants closely related to Myoporum. They were formerly classified within the plant family Myoporaceae but that family is now obsolete and has been absorbed into the Scrophulariaceae. Eremophilas are commonly known as 'emu bushes' and are colourful, free-flowering shrubs that often attract honey eating birds.

  • Background - the characteristics of Eremophila and its relatives.
  • Propagation - growing from seed, cuttings and grafting.
  • Propagation - a study of methods to improve Eremophila seed germination.
  • Cultivation - growing eremophilas and its relatives successfully in a range of climates.
  • Selected Species - examples of a range of species, including photographs.
  • Eremophila Study Group - studying the cultivation, propagation and conservation of Eremophila.
  • Further Information - books, journals and online resources.