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Eremophila glabra form

Search the image database for species of specified size or flower colour


This image database illustrates all Eremophila species with with photographs showing flower and foliage characteristics and basic information on plant size and flower colour. As there are over 200 species of in the genus, the database is a work-in-progress and it will be some time before all species are included. Eventually it is hoped to expand the database to include cultivars.

Searching for eremophilas with particular characteristics

Using the Search Box at the top of this page, you can search the database for plants based on flower colour and size. Use the following size categories when searching:

prostrate Plants less than 150mm high at maturity
groundcover Plants up to 300mm high , spreading to 2 metres at maturity
small Shrubs from about 0.5 to 1.0 metres hign with a similar spread at maturity
medium Shrubs from 1.0 to 3.0 metres high with a similar spread at maturity
large Large shrubs or small trees, 3.0 metres high or taller

As an example, to search for groundcovers with mauve flowers, enter "groundcover mauve" into the search box (without the quotes). A new page will open listing species or cultivars having those characteristics, together with links to photos.

The database may also be browsed using the following groups.

Naming Errors

If any errors are noted in the Image Database, please advise the Eremophila Study Group leader so that corrections can be made. You can email the leader at:

(Note: you need to remove the "OUT-DAMNED-SPAM" text from the address - it's there to try to deter automated email harvesting by spammers).

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