Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora - Plant Profiles: 2

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Eucalyptus leucoxylon Eucalyptus macrocarpa Eucalyptus newbeyi Eucalyptus orbifolia
18. Eucalyptus leucoxylon
19. Eucalyptus macrocarpa 20. Eucalyptus newbeyi 21. Eucalyptus orbifolia

Eucalyptus pachyphylla Eucalyptus parramattensis Eucalyptus phoenicea Eucalyptus pleurocarpa
22. Eucalyptus pachyphylla 23. Eucalyptus parramattensis 24. Eucalyptus phoenicea 25. Eucalyptus pleurocarpa

Eucalyptus preissiana Eucalyptus regnans Eucalyptus sideroxylon Eucalyptus synandra
26. Eucalyptus preissiana 27. Eucalyptus regnans 28. Eucalyptus sideroxylon
Pink form
29. Eucalyptus synandra

Eucalyptus torquata Eucalyptus victrix Eucalyptus youngiana  
30. Eucalyptus torquata 31. Eucalyptus victrix 32. Eucalyptus youngiana  

Images on this page: Australian Plants Society (NSW), Jim Barrow, Cas Liber, Ron Powers, Keith Townsend, Graeme O'Neill, Brian Walters. Click on thumbnails for specific image credits.

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