Eucalyptus Study Group

The Eucalyptus Study Group is one of over a number of such Groups whose aims are to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of specific Australian plants. Members of the Group are mainly keen amateurs with no formal horticultural or botanical knowledge, although a number of professionals in those fields also participate. As in all study groups, the members' work is mainly carried out in their own homes and gardens and in their own spare time.

The group aims to keep abreast of all matters affecting the eucalypts (Eucalyptus, Corymbia and Angophora), including taxonomy, propagation, cultivation, pests and diseases, hybridisation and ecology.

Angophora hispida    Eucalyptus torquata
Left: Angophora hispida. Right: Eucalyptus torquata.
Photos: Brian Walters

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