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20. I can only plant an Australian native garden if I have a large block of land, can't I?

It depends on what you want to plant!!

There are many plants which are too big for even a large suburban garden but there are just as many which are ideal for smaller gardens, courtyards and containers. Even plants which are usually quite large are often available as small forms. Remember, too, that trees take up much less space at ground level than medium to large sized shrubs and are quite often the ideal plant for bordering a narrow driveway because the trunk may not exceed about 300mm in diameter.

Here are just a few examples of plants for smaller gardens:

Small eucalypts; Eucalyptus caesia (red/pink flrs), E.curtisii (massed cream flrs), E.forrestiana (red fruits/ yellow flrs), E.macrandra (yellow flrs), E.perriniana (decorative foliage), E.spathulata (bushy, narrow leaves), E.viridis (open habit).

Other smaller trees; Acacia fimbriata (weeping habit), Agonis flexuosa (weeping habit), Banksia cunninghamii, Callistemon viminalis (many forms), Callitris oblonga (conifer), Hakea salicifolia, Hymenosporum flavum (native frangipani), Pittosporum rhombifolium (orange berries), Tristaniopsis laurina (water gum).

Hymenosporum flavum    Callistemon viminalis
Native frangipani, Hymenosporum flavum (left), and Callistemon viminalis (right), are both excellent small trees for the smaller garden. Photos: Brian Walters.

Small to Medium shrubs; Acacia flexifolia, A.drummondii, Banksia brownii, B.paludosa, Callistemon citrinus (small forms), C.pinifolius (green brushes), Correa "Dusky Bells" (red flrs), Crowea "Poorinda Ecstasy" (pink flrs), Darwinia fasicularis (small red/white flrs), D.taxifolia (small red/white flrs), Grevillea sericea, Homoranthus flavescens (cream/yellow flrs), Melaleuca fulgens, M.huegelii, M.thymifolia.

Ground covers/clumps; Anigozanthos species and cultivars ("Kangaroo Paws"), Banksia blechnifolia (prostrate), B.integrifolia (prostrate form), B.repens (prostrate), B.serrata "Pygmy Possum" (low and spreading), Brachyscome cultivars (daisy-like), Callistemon comboynensis (prostrate form), Dianella species (blue flowers and berries), Hibbertia pedunculata (yellow "buttercup" flowers), Lomandra longifolia (grass-like clump), Patersonia species (flag lilies - blue).

Virtually all of the above will be suited to small or large containers. You can also grow a whole range of Australian ferns and orchids in containers as well as plants like Rhododendron lochiae, Tripladenia cunninghamii (bush lily) and Paphia meiniana (mountain bells).

Not all of the above will be suited to all climates and soils so, if you are unsure, make enquiries at your local Australian plant nursery or send us an email.

There are many more possibilities, but you get the idea......

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