Frequently Asked Questions

3. All Australian plants are drought resistant, aren't they?

....usually only those native to dry areas and only when they have successfully negotiated the initial 12 months after planting out!

It's often claimed that Australian native plants have a lower requirement for artificial watering than plants from other countries. While this is possibly correct as a general statement, it's only true because the majority of Australian plants that are readily available are those native to the drier forests and woodlands.

Australian native rainforest plants are becoming more readily available and it would be unreasonable to expect these to be drought resistant. Surprisingly, though, many of these will tolerate extended dry periods but they undoubtedly perform better when adequate water is available.

Alloxylon flammeum
The tree waratah (Alloxylon flammeum) is a rainforest species native to tropical Queensland but it grows and flowers quite well in much drier conditions. Photo: Brian Walters

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