Australian Food Plants Study Group

The Australian Food Plants Study Group is one of over 20 such Groups whose aims are to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of specific Australian plants. As in all study groups, the members' work is carried out in their own homes and gardens and in their own spare time.

This Group was formed with the aim of investigating and promoting Australian edible plants by encouraging members to grow and propagate edible species so that more Australian species can be seen in gardens and in recipes. It also aims to examine the growing requirements of the various species to improve their reliability.

Macadamia nuts    Podocarpus elatus
Left: Macadamia nuts. Right: Podocarpus elatus, plum pine.
Photos: Brian Walters

The Study Group's newsletters document reports from members into cultivation issues, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. The newsletters also provide numerous recipes utilising Australian food species.

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