Grevillea laurifolia

Distribution Map
Family: Proteaceae
Distribution: Higher parts of the Blue Mountains west and south-west of Sydney.
Common Name: Laurel-leaf grevillea
Derivation of Name: Grevillea...after Charles Francis Greville, co-founder of the Royal Horticultural Society
laurifolia...having leaves similar to the genus Laurus
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild.

General Description:

Grevillea laurifolia is typical of the "toothbrush"-flowered grevilleas where the individual flowers are arranged in a terminal one-sided raceme.

Grevillea laurifolia

Grevillea  x gaudichaudii
Top: Flowers of Grevillea laurifolia
Bottom: Foliage of Grevillea x gaudichaudii

Photos: Brian Walters

The species grows as a prostrate shrub with a spread of 3-4 metres. Flowers are deep red in colour and usually occur in winter and spring. The elliptical to oval-shaped leaves have a leathery texture and may be 50 to 100 mm long with silky hairs on the lower surface. Natural hybrids with G.acanthifolia are common where both species occur together in the Blue Mountains. The hybrid is known as G.x gaudichaudii - it usually has foliage which is intermediate in shape between the two parents.

G.laurifolia is reasonably widely cultivated but can be unreliable at low elevations. It prefers a sunny position and is tolerant of heavy frosts. It is the parent of several well known hybrids including G."Poorinda Royal Mantle".

Propagation is best from cuttings which strike readily.

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