Geleznowia verrucosa

Distribution Map
Family: Rutaceae
Distribution: Sandplains in south-eastern Western Australia north of Perth.
Common Name: No generally accepted common name.
Derivation of Name: Geleznowia; After Nikolai Zheleznov, a Russian botanist.
verrucosa; From Latin verrucosus, warty, referring to the warty bumps on the stems.
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild, although collecting for cut flowers has reduced its numbers.

General Description:

Geleznowia is a genus comprising only one species. Geleznowia verrucosa is a small, rounded shrub to about 1 metre high with thick, oval shaped leaves about 12 mm long. Yellow flowers occur in clusters at the ends of the branches and are surrounded by large, yellow-green bracts which darken in colour as they age.

Geleznowia verrucosa
Geleznowia verrucosa
Photo: Keith Townsend

Although not often seen in cultivation, the species is a popular cut flower as the flowers last well in floral arrangements. Extensive collection from wild populations has caused the plant to become uncommon in the wild.

In cultivation, G.verrucosa requires a well drained position in full sun or dappled shade. Once established it can withstand extended dry periods. The species is suited to cultivation in containers.

Propagation from both seed and cuttings is difficult. Some good results have been reported through the use of "smoke treatment" of the seed.

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