Grevillea - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of grevilleas. There are also a number of Grevillea resources on the internet. Some of the most detailed references are listed below.


  • Burke, D (1983), Growing Grevilleas in Australia and New Zealand, Kangaroo Press, Kenthurst, New South Wales.
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  • Wrigley, J and Fagg, M (1989), Banksias, Waratahs and Grevilleas, Collins Publishers, Australia.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Grevillea.

  • Vol 9, No.75 June 1978; Grevillea in Horticulture.
  • Vol 13, No.108 September 1986; Many species described with photographs.
  • Vol 14, No.115 June 1988; Tropical Grevillea hybrids with photographs.
  • Vol 18, No.144 September 1995; Three threatened Grevilleas with photographs.
  • Vol.21 No.170 March 2002; Popular hybrids; Propagation by seed and grafting; Cinderella Grevillea; Illawarra Grevillea Park; Grevillea for cut flowers; New cultivars.
  • Vol.21 No.173 December 2002; The Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' complex; Some rainforest Grevilleas.
  • Vol.22 No.181 December 2004; Allergy to Grevilleas.


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