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Aboriginal Use of Plants

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Australian Plants - Genera, Families and Broad Groups

See also the Wikipedia entries under 'Flora of Australia' for information on a wide range of Australian plants.

Acacia (Wattles)

Anigzanthos (Kangaroo paws)

Banksia (including species formerly included in Dryandra)


Callistemon (Bottlebrushes)

Chamelaucium (Geraldton Wax) and Relatives

Climbing Plants






  • See Banksia

Epacris and Relatives (Australian Heaths)

Eremophila and Relatives


  • ANPSA's Guide to Eucalypts: Characteristics cultivation, propagation and photographs of Angophora, Corymbia and Eucalyptus
  • EUCLID - Computer-based, interactive identification and information system for eucalypts
  • Eucalink: A Web Guide to the Eucalypts - Computer-based, interactive identification and information system for eucalypts
  • Hardy Eucalypt Page - Eucalypts for Cold Climates
  • Learn about eucalypts provides information on eucalypt classification and biology, an explanation of the characteristics of Corymbia and images of eucalypt bark, habits, lignotubers and general views.





Hibiscus and Hibiscus-like Species

Isopogon and Petrophile

Leptospermum (Tea trees)

Malvaceae (Hibiscus, Alyogyne, Gossypium, etc.)

Melaleuca (Paperbarks and Honey Myrtles)

Mint Bush Family

Orchidaceae (Orchids)

  • The Orchidopaedia - CD containing information about all the natural genera of orchids and intergeneric hybrids

Pea Flowers (Fabaceae subfamily Faboideae)

Plant Families

Rainforest Plants

Rutaceae (Boronia, Philotheca, Correa, etc)

Stylidium (Trigger Plants)

Succulent Plants

Telopea (Waratahs)

Wollemia (Wollemi Pine)

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Botanic Gardens, Arboreta and Reserves

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Botanical Art and History

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Bush Foods

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Bush Regeneration

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Cultivation and Propagation

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Landscape Design with Australian Plants

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Photographs of Australian Plants

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Plants at Risk

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Plant Names and Botanical Terminology

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Regional Floras and Native Plants of Specific Regions

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Seed Suppliers

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Water Wise Gardening

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Bees - Native


Butterflies and Caterpillars


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