Milligania densiflora

Distribution Map
Family: Asteliaceae
Distribution: Peaty soils at high altitude in Tasmania.
Common Name: No generally accepted common name
Derivation of Name: Milligania... After Joseph Milligan, a 19th century naturalist.
densiflora... From Latin densus, dense or thick and floreo, to flower, referring to the prolific flowering habit of the species.
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild.

General Description:

Milligania is a small genus of five species, all occurring in Tasmania at higher altitudes. M.densiflora is a spreading, perennial herb up to about 0.5 metres high with lanceolate leaves up to 150 mm long by about 15 - 50 mm wide, tapering to a point. Flowers are white, sometimes with a red centre, and about 25 mm in diameter. They occur in a massed display on stems about 150 mm high during spring and early summer.

Milligania densiflora
Milligania densiflora
Photo: Harry Loots

Milligania densiflora is not often cultivated and may be difficult to establish in gardens at lower elevations due to its fairly specific requirements of cool to cold growing conditions in a sunny position with moist, organic soils. Along with other members of the genus, it has potential as a container plant.

Propagation is from seed, which is rarely (if ever) available, or by division of mature clumps.

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