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2019 Biennial Conference - Preliminary Details

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Every two years ANPSA hosts a Conference and Seminar program featuring lectures, workshops and field trips highlighting the diversity of Australia's native flora. Each Conference is organised by one of ANPSA's seven regional branches, on a rotating basis.

The next Conference will be held in Albany, Western Australia from 29 September to 4 October 2019, hosted by members of the Wildflower Society of Western Australia.

The Conference is still in the planning stages, but will include a series of tours to and from Albany, the host town, and a variety of day excursions during the conference, taking in native flora in bushland settings as well as gardens and landscaped areas. Since the south-west of Western Australia is known for its pristine bushland, there will be an emphasis of native flora in its natural setting.

Preliminary details are available through the Wildflower Society's website and further information will be published as planning proceeds. In the meantime, details of previous conferences and tours can be viewed at the 2015 and 2018 Conference website to allow those who are considering attending in 2019 to see the range and scope of activities that can be expected:

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Updates to the Website

Significant Australian Gardens and Garden 'Snapshots'

The Marriott Garden is located east of the Grampians and south of Stawell in central Victoria. It has a Trust for Nature covenant. Its total area of 80 hectares has a rabbit-proof fence and, within this, between 12 and 16 hectares has a modified covenant allowing some limited development. A feral-proof fence encloses this inner area, maintained to prevent the entry of all feral animals. Within this area again, 8 to 10 hectares is more closely gardened. This magnificent garden is illustrated by numerous photographs and is part of the Garden Design Study Group's project to make a lasting record of significant gardens.

Five other of these significant gardens can now be viewed though the Study Group's website. You'll also find there some short, pictorial garden snapshots (with some description) showing the features of gardens of Study Group members and others.

New Plant Profiles

Study Group Newsletter Archives

Current and past newsletters most of ANPSA's Study Groups, including several closed Groups, can now be downloaded - see our Downloads Page.

Newly added: Bonsai, Boronia and Allied Genera, Calytrix, Daisy (Australian), Epacris, Hibbertia, Hibiscus, Melaleuca and Allied Genera, Ptilotus, Rainforest, Stylidium

Callistemon Plant Profiles

The plant profiles for the genus Callistemon have been updated to outline the reclassification of these plants into the genus Melaleuca, which has been adopted by some authorities. At this stage ANPSA retains Callistemon as a separate genus in accordance with the Australian Plant Census.

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