The Kangaroo Paw Family - Further Information

Most books dealing with Australian native plants will contain useful information on the botany and horticulture of various members of the Haemodoraceae, particularly the kangaroo paws. Some of the most detailed references are listed below.


  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1980-1997), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, all volumes, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne. (Note that Volume 2 (A-Ca) was released prior to the advent of many kangaroo paw cultivars, which have been since published in a supplement).
  • Hopper, S (1993), Kangaroo Paws and Catspaws, Department of Conservation and Land Management, Western Australia.
  • Wrigley, J and Fagg, M (1996 - 4th ed), Australian Native Plants, Collins Publishers Australia.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in kangaroo paws and their cousins.

  • Vol.10 No.82 December 1979; Australian Haemodoraceae (particularly Anigozanthos); entire issue on propagation, cultivation, hybridisation, taxonomy
  • Vol.10 No.82 March 1980; Conostylis; Propagation, cultivation, taxonomy; The Conostylis aculeata group.
  • Vol.14 No.116 September 1988; Conostylis; Description of all species.
  • Vol.16 No.126 March 1991; Anigozanthos; entire issue on cultivation and hybridisation.
  • Vol.16 No.128 September 1991; Hybrid Kangaroo Paws - experiences in cultivation.
  • Vol.17 No.133 December 1992; Kangaroo paws - Pests and Diseases; "Bush Gem" Kangaroo Paws.
  • Vol.19 No.154 March1998; Kangaroo Paws - What colour would you like?.
  • Vol 20, No.164 September 2000; Kangaroo Paws in the Olympic Bouquet.


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