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Few members of ANPSA have contributed as much to the development and success of the organization as Bill Payne. Bill devoted an enormous portion of his life to the organization - he was the first editor of the Australian Plants Journal in December 1959 and retained that position until he was finally edged out in 2002/2003.

The Journal was printed only because of Bill's determination and commitment; initially he had to overcome state rivalries; he had to operate on a limited budget necessitating less expensive methods; he personally had to pursue members and non-members for copy and photographs. Only because of Bill's input, the publication continued and improved over the years.

Issue 1 Issue 170
Issue No. 1 (December 1959) and Issue No. 170 (March 2002),
the first and last issues of Australian Plants produced by Bill Payne.

The Journal is acclaimed world-wide and is a monument to Bill's achievements and the sacrifice he, and inevitably his family, made to native plants. Bill's persistence irritated some contributors and would-be contributors and some of his actions in attempting to provide copy, understandably brought criticism.

Never-the-Iess his best intentions ensured the continuation and success of the Journal. There was some criticism of the printing method and quality of colour and a group pursued Bill for some years. Bill never revealed that at the height of the controversy he printed two copies by the advocated method - and no one noticed.

The Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) owes Bill Payne a huge debt of gratitude for his dedication and commitment to the very foundation of the Society and over so many years since.

David Hockings 27/11/2005
(From the March 2006 issue of the newsleter of the Queensland Region of ANPSA)

Another organisation that owes a considerable debt to Bill is the Australian Flora Foundation. Bill was involved in the establishment of the Foundation, was its first Vice President, a major fund raiser, and a Councellor of the Foundation from the first day of its creation until the day of his death. A tribute to Bill can be found on the Foundation's website.

Bill Payne died in November 2005

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