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Swainsona formosa


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Welcome to the Australian Pea Flower Study Group Website.

The Australian Pea Flower Study Group is one of a number of Study Groups within the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) whose aims are to further knowledge of Australian native plants. Members of this study group focus on the identification, propagation cultivation, and conservation of members of Fabaceae (legume, pea or bean family) which have typical pea flowers. Plants with pea flowers constitute a subfamily of Fabaceae, namely Faboideae. As in all study groups, the members' work is carried out in their own homes and gardens and in their own spare time.

A Study Group for this purpose previously operated under the name Fabaceae Study Group, as pea flowers were previously recognised as a separate family. The Fabaceae Study Group had three starts, beginning firstly in 1971, but has not been active for many years.

If you are interested in the identification, cultivation, propagation, conservation and appreciation of Australia's pea flowers, why not consider joining and helping the Study Group promote these plants more widely.


Membership is available to members of an ANPSA-affiliated Regional Society. If you are not a member of a Regional Society, please refer to the ANPSA Membership Page for further information on joining.

To join the Australian Pea Flower Study Group, please send a request using the following form (please note that all fields are mandatory* - you may edit the 'Message' field if necessary) :

I am a member of the following Regional Society*:



Newsletters are published to record activities and experiences of Group members in cultivating pea flowers, keeping up to date on scientific knowledge and reporting on field trips.

The first newsletter of the renamed study group is expected to be published May/June 2020. There's still time to join the group and contribute to the newsletter.



A small compilation of pea-flower links - including books and internet links.


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