Australian Pea Flowers - Plant Profiles: 2

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Hovea acutifolia Indigofera australis Indigofera pratensis Jacksonia scoparia
19. Hovea acutifolia 20. Indigofera australis 21. Indigofera pratensis 22. Jacksonia scoparia

Kennedia prostrata Kennedia rubicunda Mirbelia rubiifolia Platylobium formosum
23. Kennedia prostrata 24. Kennedia rubicunda 25. Mirbelia rubiifolia 26. Platylobium formosum

Podolobium scandens Pultenaea parviflora Pultenaea villosa Swainsona formosa
27. Podolobium scandens 28. Pultenaea parviflora 29. Pultenaea villosa 30. Swainsona formosa

Swainsona formosa Swainsona formosa Swainsona sejuncta Templetonia retusa
31. Swainsona formosa
Natural habitat
32. Swainsona formosa
White form
33. Swainsona sejuncta 34. Templetonia retusa

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