Prostanthera and Westringia Study Group

This Group was formed with the aim of studying the cultivation and propagation of the related genera Prostanthera and Westringia. Although several species and cultivars of both genera were well established in cultivation, there are many others which were little known and which are deserving of a place in gardens.

Although this Study Group is now closed, some of the Group's newsletters can be downloaded from the links below.

Prostanthera magnifica
Prostanthera magnifica
Photo: Murray Fagg - Australian National Botanic Gardens

Newsletters and Reports

The Study Group published a regular newsletter (called The National Mint from about 2000) as well as an occasional journal (Lasianthos). In addition, there was a proposal to distribute both publications on a dedicated website (see below).

'The National Mint' - Study Group Newsletter

The Study Group's newsletters document reports from members into cultivation issues, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. The following newsletters are available for download - missing issues will be added if copies are located. It is not known if any newsletters were published between 1993 and 2000 or after 2006.

'Lasianthos' - Study Group Journal

In addition to the newsletters, the Study Group published an occasional journal called Lasianthos, the aim of which was to provide information on the latest research into the Australian Mint Bush family. The following two issues are available for download. It is not known if any subsequent issues were published, although the short-lived Study Group website contains a template for an online version, based on Lasianthos No.2.


Development of a Study Group website was undertaken by the then leader of the Group in 2003. As far as is known, this project was never finished but an incomplete online issue of The National Mint (Vol. 2 No.4; December 2002) was published there as well as a template for an online version of Lasianthos. The website no longer exists but at least some of it is archived on The Internet Archive and can be viewed at:

Further information on the characteristics and cultivation of the Mint Bush Family is available from the following link.

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