Waratah and its Relatives - Plant Profiles

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Alloxylon flammeum Buckinghamia celsissima Buckinghamia celsissima Lomatia arborescens
1. Alloxylon flammeum 2. Buckinghamia celsissima 3. Buckinghamia celsissima 4. Lomatia arborescens

Lomatia myricoides Lomatia tinctoria Opisthiolepis heterophylla Stenocarpus davallioides
5. Lomatia myricoides 6. Lomatia tinctoria 7. Opisthiolepis heterophylla 8. Stenocarpus davallioides

Stenocarpus sinuatus Strangea linearis Telopea aspera Telopea mongaensis
9. Stenocarpus sinuatus 10. Strangea linearis 11. Telopea aspera 12. Telopea mongaensis

Telopea oreades Telopea oreades - white Telopea 'Shady Lady' Telopea speciosissima
13. Telopea oreades 14. Telopea oreades 15. Telopea
'Shady Lady'
16. Telopea speciosissima

Telopea speciosissima - Wirrimburra White Telopea truncata    
17. Telopea speciosissima
'Wirrimburra White'
18. Telopea truncata    

Images on this page: Australian Plants Society (NSW), John Carter, Murray Fagg, Cas Liber, Harry Loots, Keith Townsend, Brian Walters.

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