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ANPSA Newsletter

ANPSA issues a regular newsletter to provide a communication link among the seven independent Member Societies that make up ANPSA. It is also used as a vehicle to report on progress concerning preparations for ANPSA's Biennial Conference and to report on other matters that transcend state and territory boundaries.

The current newsletter can be downloaded from the link below. The Newsletter is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format and requires the Adobe Acrobat reader (or alternative such as Foxit Reader).

ANPSA Newsletter; June 2016


  • President's Comments
  • Register Your New Native Cultivars Now!!
  • Biennial Meeting
  • Study Group Coordinator Report
  • Research Into Pollination Of Terrestrial Orchids
  • Wildflower Society of WA Report
  • Executive Officers
  • Appointed Officers
  • Study Group Liaison Officers
  • Member Society Secretaries
  • Newsletter Editors
  • ANPSA Study Group Leaders and Fees
  • List of Study Groups and ISSN

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