Number 11...September 1998
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First Cuttings
Odds and Ends
Exploring the Flinders Ranges; The Value of a Tree; Glyphosate resistance; ASGAP 20th Biennial Conference and Seminar; Rainforest Restoration and more.


Getting Started 2: The Soil

Part 2 in our series about the basics.

Australian Plants in Their Own Garden

Bush Tales from the northern Flinders Ranges.

Tissue Culture of Grevillea Species at Mt Annan Botanic Garden

Tissue culture is an important technique for conservation of endangered species.


Tea trees are well known but relatively few are grown in gardens.

Attracting Native Birds into Your Garden

A garden filled with birds is just a matter of correct planting.

The Romance of Haloragodendron lucasii

A rare plant rediscovered in suburban Sydney.

Butterfly Mania

Why would you want to encourage insects that eat your plants? Lots of reasons....


Electronic Mailbox

Problems, comments, suggestions...and a few answers.

Short Cuts

Ants: Good or Not-so-good in the Bush?...Symphionema... The Orchid Which Catches Stingless Bees...Hibbertia... Pruning Australian Native Plants...Sheer Exhilaration! Growing Sturt's Desert Pea.

A Good Read

Reviews of some current publications on the Australian flora.

Net Watch

Sites worth're sure to agree!

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    Australian Plants online - September 1998
    Issue date: 28 September 1998

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