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Australian Plants online

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"Australian Plants"....in print!

The Society's 48 page, colour (printed) journal, "Australian Plants" has been published quarterly since 1959. It carries articles of interest to both amateur growers and professionals in botany and horticulture. Its authors include the leading professional and amateur researchers working in with the Australian flora and many beautiful and high quality photographs of Australian plants are published in its pages. Topics covered by the journal cover a wide range and include landscaping, growing, botany, propagation and conservation.

A subscription to the print version of "Australian Plants" is $18 annually for 4 issues (overseas $AUS30) including postage. To subscribe, write to PO Box 744, Blacktown, NSW, Australia, 2148 enclosing the appropriate fee.

Note that the contents of "Australian Plants" and "Australian Plants online" are totally different.

These are some of the topics covered in recent issues of "Australian Plants":

  • New Banksia releases
  • Edible wattle seeds in southern Australia
  • An introduction to legumes of Australia
  • Eucalyptus cinerea; lignotuber studies
  • Bernawarra Gardens, Tasmania - gardening for colour
  • Nutritional needs of Proteaceae
  • Orchids as garden features
  • Labichea and Petalostylis
  • Xyris in Australia
  • Ferns in a garden
  • Yellow Waratah...Telopea truncata form
  • "Pines" of Tasmania
  • Tasmanian plants in horticulture in Britain
  • Eucalypts of Tasmania
  • Native lowland grasslands of Tasmania
  • Orities - Tasmanian endemics
  • Gardening in clay
  • The daisy family
  • The tea tree oil industry
  • Riceflower, an everlasting daisy as a cut flower
  • Corkwood as a source of medicine
  • Gardening the outback - How to achieve water efficiency
  • Pioneering Quandong as a fruit
  • Commercial cropping in the dry Interior
  • Cut flower production trials
  • Emu Bush - How to grow and conserve Eremophila
  • Kangaroo Paws - What colours would you like?
  • Bush food plantations
  • Rainforest plants for horticulture and bush tucker
  • Native fruits - Aboriginal food
  • About plant roots
  • NSW Christmas Bush: Cut flower industry
  • New cultivars
  • Creating a native garden...A garden for beginners
  • Native honeysuckle; The genus Lambertia in Western Australia
  • Fertilizing for grevilleas
  • Creating homes for birds and mammals; the nest box
  • Mistletoe; their natural biological control

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Australian Plants online - June 1999
Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants