Key to the genera previously included within Baeckea L. sens. lat. in eastern Australia, New Caledonia and Malesia (Bean, Austrobaileya 4 , 1997)
1.Ovary and fruit 3-locular2
Ovary and fruit 2-locularBaeckea
2.Anthers versatile, dehiscing by long parallel slits3
Anthers adnate, dehiscing by pores or short divergent slitsBabingtonia
3.Ovules and seeds D-shaped, angularBaeckea
Ovules and seed reniform, not angular4
4.Some stamens opposite centre of petalsEuryomyrtus Schauer
No stamens opposite centre of petals5
5.Ovules 2 per loculus, stamens 5-8Ochrosperma Trudgen
Ovules 8-13 per loculus, stamens 14-18Triplarina Raf.

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