Australian Plants online

Number 30...June 2003
ISSN 1326-7469

Australian Plants online is published quarterly by the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the growing, conservation, promotion and appreciation of Australian native plants.

First Cuttings
BulletNews and Views from the World of Australian Plants
Australian Plants Societies; The "Gumnuts" Newsletter; Salt Sensitivity Database; Acacias - Bridging the Knowledge Gap; Melaleuca quinquenervia - Weed Status in Florida; Drought Takes Toll on Biocontrol; WATSNU (information on threatened species and ecological communities); Australian Bushfoods magazine; "Australian Plants" print!!!

BulletOn the Brink - 6
Australian Plants at Risk - Swainsona sejuncta

BulletSo You're Going to Western Australia to see the Wildflowers
Great advice to help you plan your trip to the Wildflower State.

BulletVerticordia in the Garden
The 'feather flowers' have a reputation for unreliability in the garden - what are the requirements for growing theses spectacular plants?

BulletEating and Drinking the Garden
Some recommendations for native plants that can be part of your everyday culinary experience!

BulletGrowing Banksias in Northern Victoria
Experiences on growing a wide range of these Australian icons - both eastern and western species

BulletRediscovering Grevillea rosmarinifolia
The type form of this well known species was thought to be extinct - until rediscovered in two very different locations!

BulletLilly Pillys in the Garden
Everyone knows a lilly pilly! Do you really??.

BulletElectronic Mailbox
Problems, comments, suggestions...and a few answers.

BulletShort Cuts
Golden Guinea Tree (Dillenia alata); Growing Golden Penda; Growing Grevillea from Seed; Propagation for the Casual Grower; Fifteen Ideas for Garden Design; Grafting Grevillea caleyi

BulletA Good Read
Reviews of some publications on the Australian flora.

BulletBack Issues
...see what you've missed and download early articles!


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Australian Plants online - June 2003
Issue date: 9 June 2003

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