Australian Plants online

Number 32...December 2003
ISSN 1326-7469

Australian Plants online is published quarterly by the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the growing, conservation, promotion and appreciation of Australian native plants.

First Cuttings
BulletNews and Views from the World of ASGAP
Australian Plants Societies; The "Gumnuts" Newsletter; "Paws" - online magazine; Biological control slows creeping assault; Bushfires change soil chemistry; Australian Plants Award; Top information site; "Australian Plants" print!!!

BulletOn the Brink - 8
Australian Plants at Risk - Grevillea iaspicula

BulletGrowing Native Plants in Containers
A wide range of native plants can be grown in containers - often a good way of growing the "difficult ones".

BulletCoping with the Drought
Helping plants cope with the extended dry weather conditions that still exist in many parts of Australia.

BulletCoastal Wanderings
Spectacular wildflowers on the Central Coast of New South Wales

BulletBotany and Ecology of the 'Nightcap Oak', Eidothea hardeniana
With a direct lineage to Gondwana, the discovery of this new species in 2000 caused considerable excitement.

BulletGenetic Provenance
The importance of preserving local genetic forms in bush regeneration.

BulletAustralian Native Hibiscus
Although Hibiscus are very popular garden plants, the Australian members of the group should be more widely grown.

BulletElectronic Mailbox
Problems, comments, suggestions...and a few answers.

BulletShort Cuts
How to Grow Flannel Flower Easily; Potting Mixes: Roots Need Room to Breathe; A Reliable Wax Flower; Australian Native Grasses and Gardens; The Genus Boronia; The Late Inclusion of Trees in Garden Design

BulletA Good Read
Reviews of some publications on the Australian flora.

BulletBack Issues
...see what you've missed and download early articles!


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Editor: Brian Walters

Australian Plants online - December 2003
Issue date: 17 December 2003

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