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"Australian Plants" carries articles of interest to both amateur growers and professionals in botany and horticulture. Its authors include the leading professional and amateur researchers working in with the Australian flora and many beautiful and high quality photographs of Australian plants are published in its pages.

Indexes to 'Australian Plants' from Volume 1 onwards can be downloaded as PDF files from our Downloads page

These are some of the topics covered in recent issues of "Australian Plants":

'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 246: Autumn 2020/21


This issue features articles pm Western Australian flora by Jim Barrow.

* Introduction by Jim Barrow
* Flowering Gums
* Some Daisies of the South West
* On Death - and Resurrection
* Hakillea?
* The Peas - Revisited
* Blumenteile
* Buzz Pollination and 'Bee-purple'
* Melia, White Cedar, Cape Lilac, Persian Lilac, Chinaberry
* Mistletoes of Southern Australia; Book Rreview.
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 245: Summer 2020/21


This issue is the second issue commemorating the 250th anniversary of the Endeavour voyage: 1770-2020.

* A Botanical Endeavour
* North around Point Danger
* The Botanical Encounters Garden
* The Glass House Mountains
* Sailing past the Sunshine Coast
* Bustard Bay and Round Hill Head
* Birds, Butterflies and Mosquitos, but no Water!
* Across Broad Sound to the Whitsundays
* Still Searching for Refreshment
* Late Afternoon Landing at Cape Grafton
* The Endeavour River - June 18 to August 5
* Cape York and Beyond
* Gathering Plants and Naval Intelligence at Botany Bay
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 244: Spring 2020


This issue is a theme issue on Eremophilas, produced by the Eremophila Study Group led by Lyndal Thorburn.

* Growing Eremophila in your garden
* Eremophilas of Western Australia
* Eremophilas - traditional users and antibacterial effects
* Inferring species relationships and evolution in Eremophila and tribe Myoporeae through molecular phylogenetics
* Eremophilas at the National Arboretum
* Eremophila - response to fire
* Exciting hybrids and cultivars for the garden
* A guide to propagation
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 243: Winter 2020


This issue marks the 250th anniversary of the voyage of the HM Bark Endeavourand the explorations along the east coast of Australia.

* Sir Joseph Banks - his life and legacy
* Daniel Solander
* Joseph Banks and Daniel Solander at Botany Bay
* The art and artists of the Endeavour voyage
* Kamay Botany Bay National Park
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 242: Autumn 2020


This issue focuses on the impacts of bushfires in the Australian environment.

* Responses of Australian native plants to bushfires
* The impact of fires on plants in the summer of 2019-20
* Pyrophilous fungi, Laccocephalum sclerotinium
* Resilient plants survive tough times
* The recent bushfires in NSW - Impacts and plant responses
* Burning the Tasmanian Wilderness
* The amazing red and purple leaves of resprouting eucalypts
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 241: Summer 2019/20


Celebrating 60 years of the Australian Plants journal.

* 1959: How to Grow Waratahs The Genus Telopea
* 1968: Growing Wildflowers in Queensland
* 1969: Dracophyllum Labill.
* 1971: Planning an Australian Garden
* 1971: Hakea: As Grown in Melbourne Gardens
* 1976: Wattles of the Flinders Ranges
* 1982: Proteaceae Endemic to Tasmania
* 1988: Banksia: East Coastal
* 1989: Garden Cultivars of Australian Plants
* 2000: The Olympic and Paralympic bouquets
* In memory of Diana Snape
* Australian Plants Awards 2019

Vol.1 No.1 of Australian Plants (December 1959) can be downloaded from our Downloads page.
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 240: Spring 2019


This issue focuses on the smaller members of the Myrtaceae family, produced by the the Wildflower Society of Western Australia.

* Mini myrtles
* Starflowers Diversity and Identification Guide
* The pomegranates - Balaustion and Cheyniana
* Hypocalymma - the myrtles
* Rinzia - my special choice
* Seed propagation of 'Mini Myrtles'
* Mini Myrtles: grow from cuttings
* Myrtle Rust Impacts in Eastern Australia
* Myrtle Rust Impacts in Western Australia
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 239: Winter 2019


This issue focuses on Gondwana and the subsequent dispersal of plants.

* Gondwana - a global adventure
* Family Proteaceae: a representative and well-known Gondwanan taxon
* Plants of New Caledonia - a hotspot of endemism on a fragment of Gondwana
* South American connections
* Plants from the end of the world
* Gondwana rainforest World Heritage Area
* Inala Jurassic garden
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 238: Autumn 2019


* Update on the Terra Australis garden at the National Arboretum
* The role of Aboriginal people in the dispersal of plants
* Prehistoric assisted migration of a rainforest tree by Australian Aboriginal people
* Wild horses and Kosciuszko's workaholic plants
* Travelling stock routes: not just for livestock
* Native orchids of the Blue Mountains
* The AusZen portable garden
* Australian native flower photographs in ultraviolet light
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 237: Summer 2018/19


This issue focuses on Australian carnivorous plants.

* Trapping mechanisms of Australian carnivorous plants
* The diversity of Australian Drosera
* Pygmy Sundews - Dwarf Stars of the Genus Drosera
* Drosera binata: the Forked-leaved Sundew
* Australia's tropical pitcher plants
* The Albany Pitcher Plant, Cephalotus follicularis
* Capturing prey and imagination: could carnivorous plants help us "prevent plant blindness"
'Australian Plants' - Cover Issue 236: Spring 2018


Featuring Western Australian flora and the forthcoming ANPSA Biennial Conference

* Comparing East and West
* The current landscape of the south-west
* Laterite
* The Peas
* The Fitzgerald River National Park and the Ravensthorpe Range
* The ANPSA Conference Tours
* Highlights of the individual tours

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