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Newsletters an Reports

Newsletters are published several times per year to record activities, research and experiences of Group members in cultivating banksias and in keeping up to date on scientific knowledge of the genus.

Most of the Group's newsletters and reports are provided here as an archive (Note: These are in pdf format and will require a PDF Reader to view them. Free readers include Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader). No newsletters were produced for a period from 2013 to early 2017 while the Study Group was in recess. With the re-activation of the Group in 2017, recent newsletters will be added here about a year in arrears, so that current Study Group members have privileged access to current content.

You can search the contents of the newsletters and reports using the Search box above. Note that early issues have been scanned from paper copies before being processed via optical character recognition (OCR). As the success of OCR is highly dependent on the quality of the scans, searching may not be fully successful in those cases, especially for publications which contain some hand-written text.


 * Issue No. 21 was incorrectly numbered as No. 20


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