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Correa reflexa Port Albert form


These are a few internet and other resources on correas that might prove useful:


  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1984), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, Volume 3, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Hitchcock, M (2010), Correas - Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens, Rosenberg Publishing, Kenthurst, New South Wales.
  • Wrigley, J and Fagg, M (1996 - 4th ed), Australian Native Plants, Collins Publishers Australia.


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Boronia and its allies.

  • Vol.6 No.48 September 1971; Growing Boronia and Correa.
  • Vol 8, No.65 December 1975; Extensive details of the Rutaceae generally.
  • Vol 21, No.169 December 2001; Correa cultivars; Correa 'Federation Belle'.
  • Vol 22, No.174 March 2003; Full issue on Correa species and cultivars including descriptions, propagation, cultivation and numerous photos and diagrams.


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