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Eremophila cuneifolia


These are a few internet and other resources on eremophilas that might prove useful:


  • Boschen, N, Goods M and Wait R (2008), Australia's Eremophilas, changing gardens for a changing climate, Bloomings Books, Melbourne.
  • Brown, A and Buirchell B (2011), A Field Guide to the Eremophilas of Western Australia, Simon Nevill Publications, Perth.
  • Chinnock, R.J (2007), Eremophila and Allied Genera: A Monograph of the Myoporaceae, Rosenberg Publications, Kenthurst, New South Wales.
  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1984), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, Vol.3, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Elliot, W. R and Jones D (1984), The Encyclopaedia of Australian Plants, Vol.6, Lothian Publishing Company Pty Ltd, Melbourne.
  • Richmond G and Ghisalbertii E (1994), The Australian Desert Shrub Eremophila (Myoporaceae): Medicinal. Cultural , Horticultural and Phytochemical Uses, Economic Botany 48(1): 35-59, 1994.
  • Society for Growing Australian Plants - South Australian Region (1997), Eremophilas for the Garden, SGAP (SA Region).


Several issues of the Society's journal "Australian Plants" are particularly useful for those interested in Eremophila.

  • Vol 12, No.93 December 1982; Numerous articles on botany, propagation and cultivation.
  • Vol 12, No.100 September 1984; Eremophila in Hobart.
  • Vol 13, No.103 June 1985; Eremophila in Alice Springs.
  • Vol 15, No.120 September 1989; Cultivation and propagation of Eremophila in Sydney.
  • Vol 17, No.134 March 1993; Eremophila germination studies.
  • Vol 19, No.154 March 1998; Emu Bush: How to grow and conserve Eremophila, Eremophila as cut flowers, My favourite Eremophilas
  • Vol 20, No.163 June 2000; Eremophila as cut flowers, Eremophila in floraculture, Eremophila seed germination
  • Vol 21, No.171 June 2002; Hardy Cultivars
  • Vol 23, No.185 December 2005; Eremophila mitchellii in profile
  • Vol 24, No.190 July 2007; Review of Eremophila and Allied Genera
  • Vol 25, No.199 June 2009; Growing Eremophilas in Western Sydney, From the desert to the garden - Eremophilas
  • Vol 28, No. 222 Autumn 2015; 'Jahnsville' 1983-2015, Gawler S.A. (numerous photos of Eremophila sp.)
  • Vol 28, No. 226 Autumn 2016; Unlocking germination secrets: a method for Eremophila glabra ssp glabra
  • Vol 30, No. 244 Apring 2020; Special edition featuring Eremophila - 48 pages, 65 colour photos on Eremophila in the wild and in your garden. ORDER HERE


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