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Special Edition of the 'Australian Plants' journal on Eremophila
This special edition features 48 pages and 65 colour photos on Eremophila in the wild and in your garden.

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Welcome to the Eremophila Study Group Website.

The Eremophila Study Group is one of a number of Study Groups within the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia). Our aim is to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of members of the genus Eremophila, which are commonly known as emu bushes. As in all study groups, the members' work is carried out in their own homes and gardens and in their own spare time.

This Group was formed with the aim of studying the cultivation and propagation of the genus Eremophila so that more species could be seen in gardens. It also aims to examine the growing requirements of the various species to improve their reliability. The Group was formally founded in 1972 and hence has been in operation for almost 50 years. It has produced numerous informative newsletters describing members' cultivation experiences in various parts of Australia and overseas as well as documenting botanical changes resulting from research carried out in a number of scientific institutions.

A compendium called The Study Group Newsletters 1972 - 1985 was produced in 1991. It is an edited collection of the Group's newsletters over that period. The Study Group was also jointly responsible for the production (in 1997) of Eremophilas for the Garden, a small book describing around 70 species with text and photographs.

In 2007, the first monograph of the then Myoporaceae family was published by Dr R J Chinnock. This book, Australia's Eremophila and Allied Genera: A Monograph of the Plant Family Myoporaceae, documented evolution and natural history and described all then-species.

In 2008, several long-term members of the Study Group published a book, Australia's Eremophilas, changing gardens for a changing climate, covering the cultivation requirements of most of the then-recorded 216 species and their subspecies, along with the common cultivars.

In 2011, Andrew Brown and Bevan Buirchell published A Field Guided to the Eremophilas of Western Australia. This book described all known species in WA, including several new to science.

Bevan Buirchell and Bob Chinnock have continued to describe new species and over 250 are now known. Many of these also have hybridised - these hybrids provide new opportunities for garden cultivation.

Since the inception of the Eremophila Study Group, over 125 newsletters have been published. These document reports from members on cultivation issues in various climatic zones, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. Newsletters older than one year from publication can be downloaded from this site. This archive is also fully searchable online.

If you are interested in the cultivation, propagation, conservation and appreciation of Australia's native flora, especially Eremophilas, why not consider joining and helping to promote these beautiful plants more widely.


Membership is available to members of an ANPSA-affiliated Regional Society. If you are not a member of a Regional Society, please refer to the ANPSA Membership Page for further information on joining.

To join the Eremophila Study Group, please send a request using the following form. Please note that all fields are mandatory* - you may edit the 'Message' field if necessary:

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Eremophila Study Group Leaders

Since its inception in 1975, several people have led the group. Here is some brief background information on each.


Where to Buy Eremophilas

A list of retail and wholesale nurseries that stock Eremophila species and cultivars as well as ANPSA groups that hold plant sales from time to time.

Download List >>

Plant Profiles

Profiles of a number of Eremophila species have been incorporated into the Eremophila and Relatives section of the main ANPSA website. Each profile includes a photograph and information on natural distribution, taxonomy, cultivation and propagation.

The profiles can be viewed via the link below.


Regular newsletters are published several times per year to record activities and experiences of Group members in cultivating eremophilas, keeping up to date on scientific knowledge of the genus and reporting on field trips to various parts of Australia.

Newsletters published over recent years are available for download, as is an Index to Issues 1 to 30.


Eremophila Image Database

This image database aims to illustrate all Eremophila species and cultivars with a photo gallery and basic information on plant characteristics.

The database is a work-in-progress and it will be some time before all species are included.

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Regeneration Following Fire

In November 2015 a fast-moving grass fire started at Pinery, about 80 km north of Adelaide, South Australia. The fire burnt 84,000 hectares including parts of Ken's Warne's property including his extensive Eremophila collection.

A gallery of photographs illustrates the effect of the fire on the collection over the weeks following the fire.

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Fild Trip Gallery

A gallery of images from the Study Group's Field Trip to the Port Augusta region, South Australia, in September 2017.

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A small compilation of books, journals and internet resources on Eremophila.

JUST OUT - October 2020! - Special edition of the 'Australian Plants' journal featuring Eremophila - 48 pages, 65 colour photos on Eremophila in the wild and in your garden.


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