Eremophila Study Group

Group at Uno Station

Study Group Field Trip - September 2017

Members of the Study Group traveled to Port Augusta, South Australia, from 8 to 10 September 2017, visiting the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Gardens (AALBG) and private properties.

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Group admiring plants at Hesso Station E.duttoni Hesso Station Ken, Christine and Don at Hesso Station Ken Warnes E.duttonii at Hesso Station
E.latrobeii, chewed by sheep, Hesso Station Tom Jordan with E.duttonii colours, Hesso Station Tom and Bevan, Hesso Station Group photo, Hesso Station Margaret at Northern Eyre Peninsula E.maculata population
Christine photographing E.maculata E.maculata seeds, northern Eyre Peninsula Group arrive at Uno Station Spnifex at Uno Station EE.insterstans at Uno Station
E.insterstans at Uno Station Uno Station Peter Olde at Uno Station Group at Uno Station Wanderers at Uno Station
Saturday morning sessions, Port Augusta Mike, John and Tom at AALBG Group at AALBG AALBG nursery setup E.biserrata at AALBG
Ben, Lyndal and Peter - Study Group Leader E.maculata at Ken's Patch, Owen Bevan inspects a plant, Owen E.psilocalyx at Ken's Patch, Owen E.delisseri at Ken's Patch, Owen
E.dichroantha at Ken's Patch, Owen E.miniata at Ken's patch, Owen E.oppositifolia at Ken's Patch, Owen E.glabra x racemosa at Ken's Patch, Owen E.duttonii at Ken's Patch, Owen
E.glabra seedlings at Ken's Patch, Owen Group admires E.glabra seedlings at Ken's Patch, Owen E.maculata table deocrations, Owen Lyndal Ken, Bev and Bevan  

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