Grevillea decora

Distribution Map
Family: Proteaceae
Distribution: Along the Great Dividing Range in Queensland from near Laura to Miles, in open woodland.
Common Name: No generally accepted common name
Derivation of Name: Grevillea...after Charles Francis Greville, co-founder of the Royal Horticultural Society
decora...from Latin, decorare, graceful in appearance, decorative.
Conservation Status: Not considered to be at risk in the wild.

General Description:

Grevillea decora Grevillea decora
Grevillea decora
Photos: Keith Townsend

Grevillea decora is a medium sized, upright shrub, 2-5m high. Leaves are narrowly egg-shaped or oval, leathery, dull greyish-green, 7-18 cm x 2.5-7 cm with bronze-red and densely hairy new growth.

Flowers are dull bronze-red in colour and are borne in large, dense, terminal one-sided racemes 8-30 cm long. Flowering period is April to October. Seeds are borne in leathery, hairy follicles with the style persistent; 1.0-1.8cm x 0.8-1.1cm.

This is a colourful plant which does well in dry tropical areas as long as it has well drained soil. It is not suited to cold, temperate climates.

The species is best propagated from scarified seed. Cuttings have been successful but can be difficult to strike. The species has been successfully grafted onto G.robusta root stock - grafted plants grow successfully in cooler areas.

Some botanists regard this plant as a subspecies of G.goodii.

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