An honest critique of my garden design

Here is an honest critique of my garden design in Moreton Bay north of Brisbane. Critiques like this, where we share our design triumphs and tragedies, are helpful for us all to learn! Site conditions and analysis Location and aspect are fundamental for planning and design approach to any garden. What I am trying to … Continued

Creation of a successful habitat garden

Showcasing the natural environment was the creation of a successful habitat garden. This is the Keith Moore Habitat Garden in Huskisson. Volunteers from the Australian Plants Society NSW supported the project. Where it is located The Keith Moore Habitat Garden is located at the Lady Denman Heritage Complex, Huskisson, New South Wales on the shores … Continued

Practical pruning of native plants

I have a practical approach to pruning of native plants. Historically there was no pruning Historically, pruning has not been a feature of Australian plant gardening. In the 1960’s when I began a native plant garden, there was a lack of knowledge. Also there were misconceptions surrounding low care bush or naturalistic gardens. There was … Continued

Pruning Australian native plants for design

Pruning Australian native plants for design is one way to enhance form, size and flowering. For many of us, we aspire to have our gardens be predominantly natural in character. This means we encourage the plants to grow ‘naturally’ with minimal human assistance or training. Others take those extra steps to ‘interpret’ nature a little … Continued

Pruning native plants for design

Pruning native plants for design is valuable for both practical and aesthetic reasons. It’s an opportunity to be creative! Pruning for practicality vs aesthetics Pruning is an area of gardening where practical concerns butt up against design considerations.  For instance, cutting ground-covering plants back from a path requires deciding between the practical and the aesthetic.  … Continued

Using mounds and channels in your garden

Using mounds or raising garden beds generally results in successful plant growth and with Australian native plants very spectacular growth. This is helped by water channelling into depresssions during high rainfall periods. One of the prime elements of a great garden is good drainage.  In many natural soil profiles, over a period of time some … Continued